Audition Moulin Rouge - Stockholm - 2Entertain & Vicky Nöjesproduktion.

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    MOULIN ROUGE, The musical

    MOULIN ROUGE, The Musical - Söker roller och ensemble 

     2Entertain & Vicky Nöjesproduktion presenterar MOULIN ROUGE, The Musical i Stockholm.

    Regissör: Anders Albien, Koreograf: Jennie Widegren & Zain Odelstål 


    Repetitionstart: juli 2023, Premiär september 2023.

    Samtliga sökande skall ha formell sång och dansutbildning. Audition/ callback äger rum i Stockholm 19-21 april samt 25-27 april 2022. Blir du uttagen kan du bli aktuell till flera datum, ditt datum meddelas i kallningen. 

    (se karaktärsbeskrivningar längre ner på sidan)

    Dialog framförs på svenska och sång framförs på engelska. 

    Sista anmälningsdag är den 6 april 2022.


    Anmälningssidan når du genom  lämna din ansökan här

    • Vi ber dig ladda upp CV med foto samlat i ett dokument som PDF. (word, numbers, excel ect. kommer inte att godtas)

    Senast måndagen den 11 april 2022 kommer du bli meddelad per mail om du blir kallad eller ej. Blir du uttagen kan det bli aktuellt med flera datum vilket meddelas i kallningen. 

    Har du frågor? Maila till



    • Female, 30s, any ethnicity
    • Satine is a star. Beautiful, glamorous, sexy, commanding. Fully aware of her worth. Wicked sense of humour and smart....but beyond this, our heroine has a deep humanity. She has suffered and her wounds are very close to the skin. Heartbreaking.
    • Must be an incredible singer. Belt 


    • Male, 20s-30s, any ethnicity.
    • A handsome young American. There ́s a special intensity and drive behind his natural charm. Not an ingénue, not entirely innocent. A man of quick passion, warm humour and deep secrets. 
    • Must be an incredible singer. High tenor. 


    • Male, 30s-40s, any ethnicity.
    • The famous French artist, he is a bold visionary and tough-minded anti romantic romantic. A doomed genius. Extremely charismatic and fervently eloquent.
    • Must be a strong singer. 


    • Male, 40s-60s, any ethnicity.
    • The Master of Cermonies and impressario of the Moulin Rouge. He is almost a human caricature - too grand and showy. His manner is sly and insinuating. He ́s wise and knowning, crafty and venal - all in all, irresistable. 
    • Must be a strong singer. 


    • Male, 30s-40s, any ethnicity.
    • A handsome, viral man. Dripping with wealth and power. Old French aristocracy, modern attitudes and tastes. He carries real class and gravitas. Dangerously sexy.
    • Must be an incredible singer. Tenor. 


    • Male, 30s, Latin.
    • Santiago is a comically dashing figure. He ́s the greatest dancer in Paris - and the greatest gigolo. A ferocious Argentinian swashbuckler, he lives for the extravagant torments of love. He ́s wild, dangerous and unpredictable - driven by his passionate emotions. A brilliant dancer. 
    • Must be a brilliant singer. Tenor. 


    • Female, 30s, any ethnicity.
    • Lead dancer at the Moulin Rouge. Sharp, ambitious, sexy and cunning. Has all the assets of a real star, except for warmth. Hard and gorgeous as a gemstone. 
    • Brilliant dancer. - Must be a strong singer. 


    • Male, 20s-30s, any ethnicity.
    • Dancer at the Moulin Rouge. Beautiful young drag artist. Plays the ingénue brilliantly but genuinely sweet at heart. She has known suffering in her short life and sees Satine as the trusted, older sister she never had. 
    • Must be a high tenor with strong falsetto/mix. 


    • Female, 20s-30s, person of colour required.
    • Moulin Rouge Lead Dancer. Sinuous, untouchable, superior and imperious. Has seen it all. Do not - repeat - do not fuck with her. 
    • Belt. 


    • Female, 20s-30s, any ethnicity.
    • Moulin Rouge Lead Dancer. Exotic. Been through a lot. Amy Winehouse- sense of glamorous decay.
    • Belt.


    • 20s-30s, any ethnicity, 
    • All understudies will be in the ensemble; therefore, some ensemble tracks require strong singing and acting skills.
    • Seeking incredible dancers with strong technical skills, commercial style and athleticism. 
    • Acrobatic or any talent suitable at "the Moulin Rouge" is a plus. 


Trosterudveien 33b, 0778 
Oslo, Norway

Organisasjonsnummer: 997 915 828
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